I need deadlines. Deadlines help me create a structure for my day, week, or month. When I think about it, many of my deadlines are self-imposed, even arbitrary. I also have deadlines imposed upon me by the district I work for, local, state, and federal government, my kids, and my husband. I try to write all my deadlines in a calendar. I also make to-do lists. Deadlines give me a sense of control except for when I start missing deadlines. And I've missed plenty of them. I've also created lots of to-do lists that never got done. I don't like missing deadlines but I tend not to beat myself over the head because of it.

My goal to compose and publish a post daily is self-imposed. I created a deadline for my writing.  Although it might seem ambitious, I'm already feeling the benefits of this endeavor. My understanding of my own writing process is deepening with every post. And if I am going to impose deadlines on my students, I need to feel what it is like. I have no idea if daily posting on a blog will positively impact my teaching. But what if it does. What if I figure out how to use what I am learning about myself as a writer to help children light their own writing candle. Sound too lofty? Maybe, but I think it is worth a try.

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  1. I have enjoyed your posts and thinking, which pushes my thinking. Thanks for that nudge. I am impressed that you can write so early every morning.


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