One Little Word: Thread

This is a picture of my thread drawer edited in befunky

I’ve been thinking a lot about thread lately. Maybe it is because I feel like I have all kinds of loose pieces of my life laid out waiting to be sewn together.  I keep thinking about my mother’s big sticky wall that she uses to arrange and rearrange her quilt blocks prior to sewing them together. If my life were a quilt pattern, I wonder what it would be. Crazy quilt, nine patch, or some kind of star or pinwheel? I’m itchy to see some kind of recognizable design.

Digital Conferring Notebook

Sometimes things just take time to figure out. I finally received my new iPad 2 right before my spring break. Prior to having an iPad in my hands, I began to play with the idea of creating a functional conferring notebook using a combination of apps. Initially, I created some forms in Google Docs and organized them in a virtual binder tool called LiveBinders. Since LiveBinders has quite a nifty iPad app, I combined the two with interesting results. It worked pretty well except that I couldn't view the far right hand regions of my spreadsheets, which didn't bother me much. Any serious examination of data collected on my spreadsheet would probably take place on my laptop anyway. Editing the form was quite buggy though and so I continued my quest for a better combination of apps. In the meantime, I checked out the Confer App, which was very cool but pretty pricey and not very visually appealing. My most recent version uses a combination of a document I created in Google Docs as my master grid. The grid contains the links to the conferring form, a spreadsheet to hold all the student data, an appointment calendar, and a student log sheet. I used an app called GoDocs to view and edit my documents on my iPad. I plan to play with it this week and continue to tweak as I go.

This is a screenshot of what my selection grid looks
like using GoDocs. As you can see, this is a work in

Digging in the Dirt






Getting It Done

 I reviewed my spring break to-do list and I am proud that I'm getting it done. Amazing what 7 to 8 hours of  sleep each night can do for a person. I've been reading, reading, reading. I prefer nonfiction. Right now I'm reading Twitter for Dummies. And my son and I have started our own board game challenge. Our goal is to play a different board game everyday we are on vacation. So far, I've lost at Stratego, Monopoly, Yahtzee, and Battleship. And I've been taking pictures. I want to collect pretty backgrounds for photo collages and my Lino It canvases. And vegetables . . . eating green leafy things makes me feel so much better. Exhale. Big smile.

Spring Break To-Do List

Weeds. Edited in Picnic.

My spring break starts in two more days. I am happy to just be home with my son.  My list may change or get longer but for today, this is my plan for the week. I'll probably have to fit some cleaning and laundry in but they will be way further down the list, like number 27 or 28. I can dream, can't I?

  1. Sleep
  2. Read
  3. Read some more
  4. Empty my inbox
  5. Walk a lot
  6. Eat vegetables
  7. Play Monopoly with way too cool teenage son (his idea)
  8. Take photographs of whatever interests me
  9. Breath
  10. Smile

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