My New Writer's Notebook

I have several writer's notebooks. Mine are pretty messy with lots of papers sticking out. They are all different sizes and colors. Some only have a few entries and others are filled. When I started my blog last week, I noticed I also began writing in a new writer's notebook. It started out as random thoughts scribbled on recycled printer paper. A couple days later, I realized I needed to keep a more formal system of notes to use as I composed posts and commented on the posts of others. It was a great excuse to use one of my many blank notebooks. I have lots of them. I seem to buy them around August, right before school starts. Who doesn't love Staples in August? My breathing quickens when I think about the rows of notebooks and binders and dividers and pencils and, and, and . . . admit it; you know what I'm talking about.  Dollar stores can be exciting too. Lately, I've been attracted to tiny notebooks with colorful covers. I like the ones with the wire binding so they stay flat on a table. I also like pencils. I'm not a fan of writing with pens. I like retractable pencils with good erasers. Purple is my favorite. So next to my computer, I have a purple pencil and a my new tiny writer's notebook, purple of course.

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  1. I know what you mean about office supplies in August. I am drawn to the $1 bins at Michael's for notebooks and notepads.


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