Seven Chapters

As March 1st gets nearer, I'm growing slightly concerned about being able to come up with an idea for a slice everyday.  When I was reading Michelle’s post about Choice Literacy, I went back to check out the site a bit before I went to bed. The first time I learned about Choice Literacy was after attending a literacy coach training a few years ago in Columbus Ohio, led by Jennifer Allen. She had us write about our life in 7 stories. She also said we could think about our lives as a book with 7 chapters. After listed the titles of our 7 chapters or our 7 stories, we had to pick one and just write. I’ve done this activity more than once and each time I've had different chapter titles.  I thought I would begin again today and list 7 stories and use them as fuel for the coming month.
1.    Ballet shoes
2.    Mulberries
3.    Oops, I thought I was talking to Jennifer!
4.    Mom’s piano
5.    Ali McGraw Hair
6.    Mustache
7.    The Crabapple Tree


  1. 7 chapters - what a great idea. I think I will try this. Your titles are intriguing.Thanks for the idea. MHG:)

  2. Love the idea! This will be very helpful for our writing challenge next month. I'm going to try it too!

  3. Hi Diana,
    I'm trying to link your site from my blog, but the link is taking me to "Bird's Eye View" with no writing. Any ideas??? I can see that we started this process around the same time and we are both learning this new language of blogging. I'm really enjoying reading your posts, so I'd like that quick link from my blog and to share with others as well!



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