An Uncommon Bond

I always knew this would happen eventually. I farted in front of my students. The afternoon started like most others. My first grade intervention group tumbled in the door, seated themselves, and got right down to the business of re-reading their familiar books. As the trio was busily whisper reading, it happened.

"Awwwwww, somebody is tootin," shrieked Tashawn. He pinched his nose and flapped his hand in front of his face.


Tashawn looked straight at me. I could tell by the grin on his face he knew the truth. I had to come up with a quick defense. "It must have been you Tashawn, " I said quietly.

Tashawn's eyes grew large. "Huh uh, not me! It wasn't me. Not this time."

His eyes narrowed and he pointed an accusing finger in my direction. "It was YOU, Mrs. Martin. I HEARD you. "

My attempt to pin my mishap on Tashawn had failed miserably. By now, my colleague with whom I share the tiny room, was sputtering all over her computer like a lawn sprinkler and Tashawn was howling.The amazing thing is, the other two students continued to whisper read like nothing happened. As Tashawn continued to laugh and tease, the girl in the group, Shaylynn, tried to come to my rescue.

"That's not funny Tashawn! You fart all the time."

And Shaylynn was correct. Usually it was Tashawn. In fact, I have him doing it on tape. I was making a video of the group to use for a PLC and Tashawn leaned over on his right cheek and passed wind, not once, but twice.

I was thinking how sweet is was that Shaylynn had defended my honor. I tried to be serious and mature but then I just let go and started laughing. Eduardo stopped reading and said, "You fart Mrs. Martin?"

"Yup, Eduardo, I farted. Have you ever farted in front of anyone?"

Then came the barrage of stories. Sometimes I couldn't tell if the kids were embarrassed or proud. But there was no doubt about it. My gas had bonded us together forever. Eduardo greeted me with "You fart, Mrs. Martin?" for several days after it happened. My reply was always, "Yes, Eduardo, yes I do." Then he would smile and say, "Me too."


  1. Funny story and a universal experience for all. Thanks for sharing, you got my morning started with a laugh.

  2. I'm so glad to know that things worked out for the best here...and totally needed that bit of light-heartedness today! Thank you so much for sharing!

  3. Best lead ever. You had me at "farted."

  4. Oh, I'm cracking up! This is such a true one moment in time happening that creates a special spark in your day. I'm so glad that you allowed your children to see that you are human too. I love the post. Thanks for sharing. MHG:)

  5. Oh I am still laughing! It's the legendary teacher fart!

    This reminds me of a post I wrote on my old blog.

  6. I love the image of the teacher spluttering like a lawn sprinkler!

  7. Ms Lit Coach, you are too much!

  8. Ha ha ha ha! That is a funny story and one we can all relate to! Thanks for sharing.

  9. I experienced falling in a classroom once--the only thing to do to make everyone comfortable was to laugh! You're a great human being!

  10. This post first had me in tears of laughter which transformed into heartfelt tears at the bond you created with your students! I never though I would say a story about farting would make me emotional...but somehow you did it!


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