A Slice of a Teacher's Life in Michigan

This is what I woke up to on Wednesday morning. I received a letter from the Michigan Education Association the day before stating that local unions are being asked to take a strike vote before April 14th.

After I got to school, I learned that next month, all teachers in my district will be given a pink slip.

I just want to do my job.


  1. It sounds like war. I'm sorry that the teachers are put into the middle of it. It's such a loss for all of you, including the students! Best wishes to you & your colleagues!

  2. Oh, Diana - I am so sorry. This is tragic. What is there to say? I want to start a revolt. How can I help?

  3. It is so difficult to maintain that mindset: I just want to do my job, amidst all the turmoil in our world lately. I get union e-mails daily, sometimes hourly it seems, about attending rallies and signing petitions. I don't understand why we are under attack. You are not alone. That is the best I can do; I can only validate your feelings, though I wish I could make it all go away!


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