A Bird's Nest

I call her Robinette. I see her every morning just before I leave for school. I found her nest by accident. I was taking pictures of one of my pear trees, white with blossoms. I got up under the branches and she suddenly whipped out of the tree. Then I saw the nest, perfectly cupped in the arms of the low branches. Where there eggs in it? I dragged a kitchen stool out to see if I could peer inside. The tree was buzzing with bees. I still couldn't see so I held my camera over the top of the nest and quickly snapped a few pictures. I figured Robinette was getting pretty distressed and I had disrupted her work long enough. After I dragged the stool back into the house, I saw her swoop back through the flowers and into her nest.

Mother's Day 2011

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  1. Beautiful picture! The eggs are so "Tiffany" blue! I think what will be even more amazing is in the weeks to come when the babies scratch their way out of those eggs! Keep watching! And do keep sharing!


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