Called to Be a Teacher But Not Called Back

On April 12, 2011, three hundred and forty-three teachers received pink slips in my school district. Yesterday, I found out that 6 teachers in the building I work in are not being called back. Some of them may end up being called back after all the bumping and shuffling of teachers is completed. Maybe. Nothing is certain. I can't imagine what these teachers must be feeling. And selfishly, I hope I never do.

Today, in the lounge, a place I rarely go, one of the displaced teachers talked excitedly about several of her struggling students and the progress they had made since the beginning of the school year. She wasn't complaining about her uncertain future or personal worries. Despite her own numbing stress, she was still focused on her students. It isn't fair. It isn't fair that a teacher, who so obviously should be a teaching, should lose her job.  


  1. I remember those days. It happened about 35 years ago, and again about 20 years ago. It is never a pleasant process. But rest assured, all will be worked out. Some other school district may find themselves blessed with that teacher! It could be the best thing that ever happened to her...she'll know someday.

  2. I share your pain. The same thing is going on in our district and its hard. Some have found other jobs already, choosing not to wait around and see if they were being called back. Others, because of family situations, have to just wait it out. It is not an easy time...


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