Football Frenzy

Mitch's helmet

“Am I taller? Measure me.”

“Hmmm, looks like you’ve grown at least 2 ½ inches since last summer.”

“So how tall am I?”

“Looks like 6 foot and ¾ inches.”

And so goes my conversations with my son since mid-July. His first football game as a freshman is August 25th. When he isn’t fretting about his height, he wants me to admire his growing biceps.

“Mom, check these out. I’m a beast!”

I’ll admit it. I love football. As long as no one gets hurt. My brother, John, played when he was in high school. In fact, his team went to the state championships when he was a senior. Football fever whipped our small town into a frenzy. By all accounts, my brother’s small rag-tag team should not have done well. But they just kept winning. School was let out early the day of the big game so hometown fans could make the trip to Massillon, Ohio. I think it snowed. They lost.
Program from John's playoff
I also remember that my brother got injured a lot. He actually had several concussions while in high school. I recall sitting in the stands and seeing John stretched out, lying on his back, arms to his sides, like he had decided to take a nap in the middle of the field. It happened more than once.

“Mom, did you see where Maddox got drafted by the Lions. And the Howey kid got drafted by the Seahawks. That is crazy! Two kids from Monroe. Where did Maddox go to college?”

“Maddox went to Central Michigan and Howey went to Eastern Michigan.”
My brother the football star!

I love football but it also scares me to death.


  1. I had to laugh out loud at "Mom, check these out! I'm a beast!" I could hear his voice. Scary to be a mother. Mine played soccer. Loved and hated every minute of it!

  2. There are more things being written about football and concussions, so it is scary, maybe especially for moms. Now my grandson is starting this fall, at ten, & he's so excited it's difficult to not respond back with excitement, but there is a part of me that wishes he might become a swimmer instead. It's great that you're so supportive, & fun to hear those words of a young high schooler, "I'm a beast." High school aged kids are so enthusiastic and motivated and energetic-hard not to like it when they're happy!

  3. Oh, being a mom of two boys makes me nervous, I LOVE sports but am worried about the injuries that tend to be associated with them. My boys are avid hockey players and dabble in baseball and soccer. I had to chuckle about your son's bicep comment....the things I have to look forward too. He he he!


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