Friday Morning Weigh In: Writing Challenges

I’ve been thinking a lot about Stacey’s post yesterday about creating writing goals and challenging oneself as a writer. This coming February will mark my one year anniversary of starting my One Literacy Coach blog. If I hadn’t of stumbled upon TWT, I would never have started a blog. I didn’t believe I had anything important to say. At least not important enough that anyone else would be interested. I was too afraid to even post a comment on the TWT blog. I’ve come a long way. And it is exciting to feel that I can continue to develop as a writer. But I should know this. I teach young writers every day. They know that I believe in them and think their words are important. But the believing in myself thing comes harder. Not sure why that is.

I think making goals and writing them down is important. Stacey wrote a list of ideas from her NCTE presentation that I keep mulling over. For me, I want to take this next year and work at my writing. I want to identify writers I love and study their craft. I’ve been thinking about setting some reading goals to mesh with my writing goals. And I want to write a lot. So far, my goals are to study, risk, trust, and work hard. And because I spent so many years teaching special education, I will probably feel compelled to create measurable objectives to go with my big ideas. And I need to drop ten pounds. Just thought I would throw that last one in there.


  1. I am so surprised that you felt like you didn't have anything to say because I always find your writing so thoughtful and full of insights and wisdom. I am glad you took the challenge so I can learn from your thinking. Keep writing and many will keep reading. Good luck with the ten pounds!

  2. "I want" sounds clear and strong. The confidence is behind it. You can reach your goals.
    Reading about your determination gives a boost to my writing-self. The photo of the little one-word-notebook is unexpectedly motivating too.


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