Mentor Sentence Monday: More Sentences from Fly Away Home

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I’m enjoying creating my own sentences using the patterns of authors. I’ve always loved playing with words and this exercise of generating sentences has been growing hooks and igniting new writing for me. And it’s fun!

The following are Eve Bunting’s words on page 14 from Fly Away Home:

Everything in the airport is on the move—passengers, pilots, flight attendants, cleaners with their brooms. Jets roar in, close to the windows.
The following are my words based on Bunting’s sentence patterns:
Everything in the room is motionless—the fan, the curtains, the air, and the cat stretched out on the tile floor. Yellow jackets hum, close to the window screens.

Nothing in the school is still—not teachers, kids, parents, secretaries on the phones. Buses roll in, breaks squeaking to a stop.

When she lays down to sleep, her thoughts keep firing—pack lunches, pick son up at the high school, chicken in the crock pot, husband cheated. Memories roar in and line up next to tomorrow’s to-do list.

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  1. Wow! You are having fun with this! I can hear your last one as a beginning to a book. Great book hook With few words you have told me a lot about this person's life, and left me with a desire to know more.
    Thanks for sharing this exercise. It seems a fun thing to using different poetry forms.


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