Playing with Google Docs

This is a reflective time of year. I like feeling that I have a fresh slate, a new start. Traditionally, I make lists of goals according to categories like Family, Work, Health, and Faith. I write goals because whenever I do, I tend to accomplish more than when I don’t. This year, inspired by Ruth’s post about Infographics, I’ve decided to take a different approach. I wanted to create a visual map of my goals. I used Google Docs, which is also one of my objectives for the coming year. One of the many cool things about Google Docs is that every document has its own URL, just like a blog post, and you can easily link other documents, images, posts, and sites to each other within a document, spreadsheet, table, or drawing. After I created my drawing, I linked a separate objective list to my big ideas: Make Space, Trust, Listen, and Take Action. Drawings can also be saved as JPG’s. Going through this process has pushed me to learn more about Google Docs and play with ways to use this powerful tool. My mind is already twirling thinking about creating curriculum documents that could be linked to one another. I just love this kind of stuff. I need a longer vacation. 

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