Should Write What I'm Grateful For More Often

I haven't written a gratitude list in a while. Reading Jennifer's SOL was the reminder I needed. And since I am home today with a pair of gooey pink eyes, I have some extra writing time. So here goes:

I’m grateful for . . .

my healthy children.
being able to pay my bills.
a car that starts when I turn the key.
no flooded basement after the recent rains.
spending time with 3rd grade writers that inspire me endlessly.
the big bulb lights, like the ones on Charlie Brown’s Christmas tree.
my understanding colleagues that cover my bus duty and so much more.
not being 25, 35, or even 45 anymore. Turning fifty is awesome by the way.
having friends and family who accept my quirks, habits, and passions. Thanks Mom. J
One of three ornaments I have
 left from my childhood. I'm
grateful to still have them.

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