One Little Word Wednesday: Thread

I have been spending lots of time learning what about Google Docs. Last weekend, I excitedly explained to my husband that I had figured out how to link documents to one another and was in the process of creating a reading conference form that could be used on an iPad. His eyes glazed over as his jaw hung open slightly. His indifference to my interests didn't trouble me in the least. In fact, I have found if I want him to stop bothering me, all I have to do is start a sentence with, “Guess what I figured out that I can do in Google Docs!” He immediately leaves the room. I can’t help it if I find learning how to use forms and spreadsheets more stimulating than watching him sit in the green chair as he watches re-runs of Everybody Loves Raymond. I guess we are both pretty boring. Not sure what this has to do with thread other than I’ve been trying to figure out how all of the new learning I’ve been doing will impact my teaching, impact my daily life. I’m just trying to thread it all together. And writing about it helps.


  1. Your post is great. I love the picture of the thread. How did you create it?

    1. Thanks Ruth. I took a pic of some of my thread spools and then edited the pic in Picnik. Unfortunately, Picnik will be no longer in April. :(


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