Prezi Love

My principal asked me to make a slide show of some writing celebrations happening in two third grade classrooms. I figured this would be the perfect opportunity to play with Prezi. And play I did. It is easy, fun to use, and free. Educators are eligible to use an upgraded version of Prezi for free. I love that I can embed images, video clips, or blog posts directly into the slideshow. I like that Prezi slide shows give viewers a sense of the whole and how the parts or individual slides relate to the whole. The biggest thing is to avoid too much panning or it can give viewers motion sickness. In the last slide, I linked a ThingLink image I created with classroom pictures from the celebrations. I put them into a collage using Picasa, saved the collage as a JPG, then uploaded it as a single image. Here is my Prezi. I rather like it. Hope my principal does too. 

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