Poetry App: PoetryMagnets

I recently tried out a free app called PoetryMagnets. It simulates using little magnet words to create a poem. Words for your poem can be selected from a stream of magnets that can be scrolled through at the bottom of the screen. Words come in several categories. Once a magnet is chosen, it can be moved around or discarded back into the stream.

I enjoyed the spontaneity of choosing from the river of words and playing around with spacing. My favorite part was that I could save my poem as an image right to my camera roll. Then I decided to play with the image further with a free photo editing app called PhotoPen.

I think older students would have a lot of fun using PoetryMagnets. It would be a great way to get students talking and reflecting about their writing process. Sometimes I struggled to move the magnets exactly where I wanted them and at one point I couldn't get one magnet to move at all. Also, there is only one background but for a free app, I still think it worth playing with.



  1. I have made my own magnets for my beginning readers with lots of prepositions and pronouns and other words we are learning. We often focus on making "phrases" and then putting them together to form "poems" of sorts. I love to do it on Smartboards but have already downloaded this app. Thanks for the link!

  2. Wow! That looks like it could be lots of fun. Wouldn't it be fun to have a teachers writing workshop using apps like that?

    1. Wow Donna! Great idea! It would be cool to use at a PD session. They could pass it around and revise. It would be sort of neat to take screen shots of each revision. You have me thinking. :)

  3. It is always fun to hear about different Apps. I think I would enjoy this for the same reason that you mentioned. I definitely need to explore more with poetry in general anyway.

  4. ooh, fun! There is a similar website that I bookmarked for my students: http://magneticpoetry.com/play/ but it's awesome to know that there's an app too! Thanks for sharing! :-)

  5. I have this app & it is lots of fun. I always had the real magnet poetry in class, but kids will think this is such fun. The apps are so great. Thanks Diana. Nice poem. I like the line "I drive to the radio rhythm."

  6. Great app suggestion. Looks a lot easier than manipulating those tiny magnets that I had stuck on to my fridge throughout college. Thanks for sharing, Diana.

  7. I just saw a tweet today about a twitter site like this... http://www.twittermagnets.com/
    I have magnets I've used at work before... I need to pull them back out.


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