Land of Snow

Happy Easter from Up North! When I first moved to Michigan from Ohio, I had no idea where "up north" was. I remember the kids at the school I worked at talked about going up north for the weekend. I had friends at work who had family cottages up north. Over the years I grew to understand what up north meant, at least I thought I did until we arrived in the land of snow, better known as Houghton, Michigan. There is still snow up to the first story windows of our motel. Supposedly, the Northern Lights can be seen most evenings. I've never been a fan of snow, mostly because I hate driving in it. But on our way here, drivers weren't in a hurry and didn't drive crazy like they do at home. Of course there isn't much traffic. I'm beginning to sense that the pace of life may be a bit different here than in suburban Detroit.

View from the first floor windows.


  1. Give snow a chance. I like snow in the winter, but by the end of March, I wish it had melted already. There's some hope.

  2. Glad you are not snowbound!!! And glad you were able to get the posts out. From your does look like you are snowed in...but from what you say...up used to it. Thanks for youf posts this month. Jackie

  3. I'm a troll, there is no way I could live above the bridge. You guys get some serious snow!

    1. We are trolls too. After our college visit, my son has decided that he isn't cut out to spend 4 years above the bridge. The drive home was white-out conditions on and off for 2 hours then just wind and snow for another 2 hours. My husband told him my son that if he had his heart set on attending college in the U.P. that he would drop him off in 2015 and pick him up in 4 years.


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