Reflection Friday

First day of my spring break. Only a few more days left of the TWT 2013 SOL challenge. This is my third year participating and each year has been different. Every March brought different roadblocks. Most of the bumps were related to time. My writing process for posting has evolved in three years. I still have days when only paper and pencil will do to help me get going. Other times, I just lay down the words in a draft post in Blogger then let them alone for a while. I tend to keep numerous in-process posts. The one thing that hasn't change is my interest in adding images to posts. Images are important to me. I usually create my own. I still enjoy playing and editing my photos and if I use my own, I don't have to worry that I am violating copy write laws. My favorite editing tools are currently Picasa, Ribbet, PicMonkey, and BeFunky.

My Rotini Girl image was edited with BeFunky. 


  1. I have felt crunched by time during this challenge also. There are just so many other things that need doing! Adding images is something I skimped on, but that enhance a post. I'm always asking my students to add an image to their blog posts because it draws a reader in so much more. (I think, anyway.) During this challenge, I often only added the slice of life button, but my favorites were the ones with actual images. I'm going to check out the BeFunky site.

  2. Congrats on (almost) completing your third year of slicing! It's great having you along for the ride again.

  3. Cute images! Time has been a struggle for me too, so I usually just sit down and write in one fell swoop, although I often brainstorm in my head throughout the day, leading up to my writing time in the evening. I like that you shared your process with us! :-)

  4. Just learned new editing tools from you! Time struggles; don't we all have them? Having draft posts has helped me.


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