Snapguide: One Night Stand or Long Term Relationship

Yesterday I posted about how I choose apps and web tools based on my particular professional needs. Tools need to enhance and facilitate learning because I teach kids, not apps. Some tools feel very intuitive and I can immediately see potential for student or educator use. Other tools require a full-blown relationship to understand. And even then, if the tool doesn't do what I need it to do, the relationship may end in a quickie divorce. A new tool that I am dating right now is Snapguide. Snapguide is an iPad app with web support. It is a little bit like Pinterest except that it is all how-to guides. The guides are created, edited, and shared on the iPad but can be viewed on the web.  It requires an individual account and is not appropriate for student use at this time. But I like the format and the ease of creating how-to guides that can be easily shared with other Snapguide users as well as by email, Twitter, and Facebook. The guides can also be embedded into a post in Blogger, which is nice. My purpose for even hooking up with this tool was because I wanted to create easy directions for my co-professionals to join Edmodo. Edmodo is sort of like Facebook for educators. I'm not sure how long my fling with Snapguide will last but if I dump it, it will be because Haiku Deck is totally hot.

Check out How to Join Edmodo by Diana Martin on Snapguide.


  1. Love the suggested apps but even more so, the comparison to relationships. It's true that many of the apps we "hang out with for a little while" are not "apps for lifelong happiness!"

  2. Very helpful post. One of my grad students recently told me about ways he is using Edmodo. Thanks for your broadening my use of technology.

  3. There is so much out there - bewildering. I guess I shall have to check this out, it does sound interesting. I need to look into Edmodo, too!

  4. I love reading your posts about technology even though I am way behind! I always learn something new--something that I might want to check out. Thank you!


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