Thankful Thursday

I haven't created a gratitude list in a long time. I used to make a list once a week but I let the habit get away from me. Mary Helen from Book Savors made a comment on my first slice of SOL 2013 about how any change can cause a bump in the road, and she is right. One of the many special things about the TWT community is that everyone "gets it". We all have stuff. We are all trying to balance and risk and create and work. And sometimes, life comes first. But writing is never too far behind.

Ten Things I Am Grateful For

Heat in the house
Cat on my lap

Gas in my car
Snow on the grass

Time on the clock
Coins in my wallet

Words that are said
and read
and written down


  1. Thank you for sharing these thoughts, Diana. It's true: it's so easy to get caught up with the minutea of daily life and forget our many blessings.

  2. I like that idea of the list as a poem, and as a way to stop and think/appreciate the world around us. Which is what Slice is all about, right?

  3. Lovely way to write about gratitude. I make a list daily and think I will use the poetry form now from time to time. Thank you.

  4. Heat in the house
    Cat on my lap

    Love these lines...a collective sense of warmth and comfort.

  5. I've been enjoying your posts so much! If I can figure out how to link your blog to mine, I will express my gratitude to you for inspiring me in my next slice.


  6. I was thinking I would learn about a new tech tool that you used to create your gratitude list . . . and was surprised to see it in poetry form! I love it!

  7. Ten things in twelve amazing lines.


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