Thankful Thursday

Ten Things I Am Grateful For

I haven't lost my job.
I haven't had pneumonia
I haven't recently had a flat tire
I haven't lost my phone
I haven't gained 20 pounds
(I only gained 15)
I haven't lost hope
I haven't given up on my writing
I haven't forgotten how to laugh
I haven't lost my marbles
I haven't forgotten who I am


  1. What a wonderful list. I did have pneumonia this year, but otherwish, I adopt your grateful list!

  2. I am grateful you didn't give up on your writing, and more importantly that you haven't forgotten who you are.

  3. Interesting twist to a gratitude list - using the "not" perspective as a positive. Keeping sanity and laughing can go hand in hand. Your last line pulls your list powerfully together.

  4. Loved reading this! Might need to try it. Happy writing!

  5. "I haven't lost my marbles" like!


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