The Nude Scene

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"Wow, I wasn't expecting that."

"Neither was I. The scene was half-over before I realized they were actually nude. How long were they onstage, maybe 5 seconds?"

"One girl had a bodysuit on."

"Did you hear the audience? They gasped, but it was sort of a delayed gasp."

"I was going to say that this would be a great show for Sam, but . . . no way."

"Dad, it's theater. And I hate to remind you but I'm only a year from graduation.What was the point of the scene?"

"I don't know. What do you think?"

"I'm not sure. But I appreciated that they were real people with real bodies and not models or toothpicks or perfect, just people like everyone else--all different shapes, sizes, and shades. Let me go back in the program and check the song they were singing."

"Please don't ever do this show. I--I think I would have a heart attack."

"Did you see all the old people waving their hands and singing, Let the Sun Shine In at the end. It was kind of funny."

"Yes but some of us old people remember this music from when we were younger than you."

"The voices were incredible. The girl who played Dionne--her voice gave me goosebumps. She was just so good."

"So what did you think of HAIR?"

"It was an A--ma--ZING!"


  1. Saw it YEARS ago - live on stage - when I was just barely able to drive and vote and not yet a parent! I KNOW I would have a VERY hard time if one of my kids was IN the play!!!!!!!!

    1. And there was a movie too but I think it was very different, obviously no nude scene. Anita, I would love to read about your trip to see HAIR.

  2. I remember the controversy over the nude scene when this first came out. I love the way you told this through all the voices. The music was great, right?

    1. Yes Elsie, the music was wonderful. It was still as controversial and in-your-face as it was in 1968. When we got home of course we looked up the bios of the performers and researched the history of the show and had even more conversations.

  3. I agree with elsie -- the dialogue really made this slice come alive! I especially like how you used a different font for each person; such a creative way to show who's talking!

    1. Thanks Jennifer! Could you tell which one was my husband? It was funny to hear my daughter and him talk about the scene.


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