Blogging and Reading Process

Jumping into blogging has required me to do plenty of reading and re-reading. It has been a struggle for me to understand directions when I don't understand all the blogging vocabulary.

The syntax of bloggerease is also a challenge. Lots of acronyms and unfamiliar verbs. Figuring out what the acronyms stand for isn't always helpful. I am working to apply all of my reading strategies but sometimes I am unsuccessful.  I'm guessing struggling readers probably feel the same way. The only reason I'm sticking with it and pushing myself to comprehend is because I want to understand blogging. No one told me I had to. I chose to. Sort of like giving kids a choice about what they want to read and write.

I have many questions about the blogging process but I'm not sure who to really ask. If I spend time talking with seasoned bloggers, it might help. And just like the kids, I'm fine with pretending that I understand, at least for now. I figure as I add to my understanding bit by bit, my pretending will decrease. Is that what struggling readers do? Do they hope that everything will just come together for them like the kid that sits next to them in class devouring book after book. I'm curious about what my running records would look like as I read Blogger's help menus. I wonder if I am over-relying on a particular reading strategy.

My blog represents what I understand about blogging today. But honestly, I have gadgets on my blog that I don't fully comprehend the function for. I need to talk to bloggers that are willing and able to translate bloggerease into english.  And the whole trying to have a conversation with someone you aren't face-to-face with thing is time consuming.

It probably sounds like I am complaining and maybe I am. I have a lot to learn. Blogging has been successful at bringing my awareness of my own reading process to new levels. In a very short time, blogging has given me new insights into what it is like for children who struggle to read and write.

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