Using Mentor Texts

Recently, a third grade class I am working in, used the picture book, When I Was Little by Jamie Lee Curtis as a mentor text. I got the idea from Jeff Anderson's book, Mechanically Inclined. I picked this lesson because I wanted the most struggling students to feel instant success. I wanted to elevate their position in the classroom as a capable if not skilled writer. This lesson works equally well in upper grades. I've also used it with adult learners as part of professional development. Jeff Anderson's books are chock full of excellent lessons and thinking and humor.

I would like to figure out a way to allow visitors to One Literacy Coach to see the details of lessons other than putting them in a lengthy post. I don't really like reading long posts. Any ideas?

Update: I think I figured it out! I plan on posting a lesson of the week then archiving weekly. We'll see how it goes.

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