Not Justin Bieber Hair

As I watched my 14-year-old son get a haircut yesterday, it occurred to me that he didn't have Justin Bieber hair. Not that he wanted Justin Bieber hair. My son's hair didn't move or swing. Mitch always tried to smash down his wiry curls. It ended up looking a bit like a helmet. I never said anything.I wanted to but I didn't. After the stylist cut and thinned his hair, she made a joke about how he had enough hair on his head for at least two people. She rubbed some product in her hands and kind of played with and sculpted his curls. His hair looked great. Mitch looked older, more mature.

As  we walked to the car, I tried to look at his hair. I reached up to touch it.

"What are you DOINGGGGGG? Leave me alone!"

We got in the car. And he proceeded to smash his hair back down into a helmet. I didn't say a word.


  1. This post reminds me of a little girl in my class. She has long golden curls and she HATES them. We talked about it the other day. All the other little girls love her hair but she does not like the curls and does not want to even talk about them. We are all hard on ourselves.

  2. This is a great slice about you and your son! I can totally imagine him smashing his curls into a helmet. You know in Korea it is very popular for girls and boys to get perms. Many of the boys in our elementary school get perms!!! --jee young

  3. Too funny. What Mom wants is never cool. I remember finally convincing this kid I used to babysit to spike his hair instead of sticking with the part down the middle (creating the effect of a pair of buttocks on top of his head, if you ask me). He finally tried it out one day and even his teacher made fun of him. Sometimes kids stick with the buttocks look (or helmet look) for a reason beyond our control. Good for you for knowing when to keep your thoughts to yourself.

  4. LOL! I love my 6-year-old son's hair short. I think it makes him look older somehow and it gives me a glimpse into the young man he will become. However, he likes it longer and curly; so does everybody else. I don't think he's going to be getting a haircut anytime, soon!

  5. I laughed at this. Our sons. Loved the conversation. I'm sure your thoughts could add much more. MHG

  6. oh yes, sons and hair. I always felt that doing something to one's hair was the least troublesome thing a teenager could do, so I often helped create the do's my son wanted. The most memorable was when I bleached it white, then dyed it pink with black dots. REALLY!


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