More Than 7 Stories

I thumbed through my old writer's notebooks, looking for common threads. I found these four lists:

I'm working at finding my writing territories. There are many stories that I probably need to write but I don't because I'm not sure how people that know me personally would respond. I find that my writing tiptoes around the real stories more than I would like. I guess that is part of trying to understand my audience and my purpose for writing.


  1. That tiptoeing is common, I suspect, since telling real stories is emotional and powerful, and scary at times. Keep dancing and you'll find the song.

  2. I'm glad to know that someone else edits themselves before they write! It's hard to tell the personal stories. I seem to want to skate right over the personal details and tell just the facts.

    Ah well, we must keep trying

  3. That is the difference I find between kids and kids are open books and the adults are afraid of being judged.
    This group is a good one to open up with. We are all kind and love a good story.

  4. Sometimes, at different times in our lives, varied stories become important, or the 'seven'. I wonder if you just wrote some that seemed important, for you, not for anyone else, that it might come out different than you thought it would. Maybe it would be satisfactory to do it just alone, or perhaps you would find only a piece of it to share.

  5. "...writing tiptoes around the real stories..." - what an insight to your own writing. Your whole post is so reflective about you as a writer. I hope that you find what you need to write the stories that you need to write.

  6. Some stories you just need to write for you and no audience. Maybe someday they will play to a larger audience.

  7. Well my computer isn't let me see your pictures - but your words paint wonderful ones. I'm imagining my own notebook of tiptoes.
    Part of the reason I started a blog was to put on shoes.


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