Saturday Reflection

I knew I needed something. I love my job and have a very busy family life, but I wanted more. Becoming a part of the TWT writing community has already changed me as a teacher of young writers. I am overwhelmed by the generosity of my co-slicers. My only regret is that I cannot read and comment on every single slice. I also wish I could respond back to each comment. A year ago, even 6 months ago, I would have NEVER imagined that I would be writing pieces and posting them in a blog everyday. NEVER. I wasn't a writer.

 I don't write blog posts or respond to the posts of others when I am at school. When I am at school, I am focused on children and the demands of the day. But all day long, I'm writing in my head. I'm still wearing my small writer's notebook on my lanyard. It may look a bit dorky but it is perfect for catching ideas as they come along. In fact, while I was teaching a lesson in a 3rd grade class, I got an idea for a story and I reached for my little notebook to jot it down and it wasn't there. In the rush of the morning, I had forgotten to slip it around my neck. One student was very concerned that I would lose my idea if I didn't write it down right away. He ran and got a sticky note and handed it to me. Kids see everything. Kids are mirrors. That sticky note was the sweetest gift I can think of. That little boy thought I was a writer. He believed in me. He could see inside me. I wanted to bawl. It was just a sticky note for pete's sake. Such a little thing. I happen to love this child's pieces and planned on posting a few soon. He's a writer. If he believed in me, maybe I can believe in myself.


  1. Dear Diana,

    In the first paragraph you have expressed what has been in my head and heart for the last few days.
    In the second paragraph I like your metaphor "Kids are mirrors." Your vignette about the child coming to your rescue is filled with sweet voice and appreciation. I look forward to reading more about the young writers in your class, and what you think and do as a writer.

  2. I totally agree with the first comment.
    As I read your first paragraph, it struck me how someone had put my thoughts down on paper so perfectly!

    I appreciated that connection as I read your slice.

  3. What a great story. I wear a lanyard but never thought of putting a little notebook on it. Maybe that would help me write at night since I only seem to do so in the morning.

  4. Welcome to this world of Slicing and sharing. It's a wonderful thing you are doing as a teacher-writer for yourself and your students. Love that lanyard.
    And remember when the month is up there's still TUesdays

  5. Sweet! And that gives me an idea too! I keep losing my ideas during the day. I really need a mini notebook hung around my neck. I love the way kids, at least some of them, notice things and take care of you!

  6. Diana,
    I, too, have been changed by the writing challenge. Luckily, I teach high school creative writing, so I can write during those classes if I want to...but I am finding the conversations with kids have much more meaning now, so I don't usually. I spend the class period with a community of writers, who sometimes wish I would just be quiet and let them write.

    Happy Writing!

  7. Diana, You are a writer. Your blog one that I look forward to reading every day (even before the challenge). I am amazed at the way you put thoughts down, tell a story, and/or make connections in your writing. Your words are powerful and speak to me.
    I too, never thought I would be writing/blogging. I am a reader I said, not a writer. This is an interesting journey that I have taken on and I appreciate the chance to grow as a writer.

  8. Welcome to the challenge! I participated last year and became addicted. Looking forward to reading more of your writing over the next month!

  9. Diana,
    You are not only a write, you are darn good one. Thanks for sharing the story about the child who wanted to help you save your idea.
    Have a great weekend,

  10. I love this line you wrote -- But all day long, I'm writing in my head.

    I too am writing in my head throughout the day. A mini-notebook would be great to have. Thanks for sharing. I love it when our kids know us!!

  11. "That little boy thought I was a writer. He believed in me. He could see inside me."

    The progression of those three sentences left me breathless. How wonderful it is when we are on the receiving end of such attentiveness. Your reflection really resonated with me. That moment with your student was the perfect incarnation of the cyber-support that the TWT community provides. Precious.

  12. It is amazing how after just a few days ( I'm a new blogger) I too find myself writing in my head and viewing the wield through different eyes. I so enjoyed your post.

  13. You have put everything I've been thinking and feeling the past few days into words! But since I'm doing "glimpses", I'm glad you wrote them for me. I love the idea - and image - of your little lanyard notebook - going to have to get myself one of those!


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