Saturday Reflection

As a new blogger, I am learning a lot about my own writing process. Here is a partial list of my new learning:

~Prior noticings often become ideas while I'm engaged in mundane tasks like folding clothes.

~I need to have a plan in order to meet a deadline. I prefer deadlines and I like a routine.

~Posting daily seems to help me avoid writer’s block. I get started faster. I don’t agonize over topics like I used to.

~I like to have my pieces for the following day 90% completed before I go to bed. Then I spend time re-reading and revising in the morning before I link my post.

~I often re-read my older posts looking for errors or thinking about parts of the piece I might like to re-work. I also re-read comments and scan for future writing ideas.

~I am often writing several pieces simultaneously. Some in my head, some on paper, and some as draft posts.

~I tend to write pieces that I might be able to use later for instruction. I practice the techniques I want my students to learn.

~I only use one label per post. I like the idea of being able to organize my posts by topic if I should ever want to print my blog.

~My writing stamina has increased since beginning the TWT Challenge.
What are you learning about yourself as a writer?


  1. It's exciting to read posts from new bloggers and I love your exercise in reflection in this month of intense posting activity.
    I have been blogging since 2005 and for the last two, three years, almost daily, so it's always a good time to step back and reflect.
    I will today,

  2. Like you, I am constantly searching for a topic as I go through my day. If I write at night, I edit and revise in the morning with a clearer head but prefer to write in the morning. I have been known to reread my post and revise it even after it has been read by others (my hockey story). I love routine and deadlines so this challenge keeps me on track (I wish I could do the same with exercise).

  3. It's great that the Slice effort has helped you as a writer. I'll bet Ruth and Stacey are giving a little cheer right now.
    PS -- love that pic of the cat, peeking around the keyboard.

  4. "I need to have a plan in order to meet a deadline. I prefer deadlines and I like a routine. "

    I totally agree!
    It amazes me how the deadline of posting daily this month challenges me and keeps me focused.

  5. Diana,
    You reflect and write so eloquently my same thoughts. I had been thinking the same things. One of the most significant things I've learned about myself is I am more of a writer than previously thought. Who knows where that thinking will take me.

  6. I appreciate having the challenge of posting each day because it forces me to seriously focus on writing. It is very easy to put writing off to a later date/time.

  7. Great reflective practice. I reflect so much it's a wonder why I'm not neon yellow. I loved the way you listed your learning and am inspired to do something similar. Thank you for sharing this with our community! Happy writing!

  8. There are a few of us who have become daily bloggers from this experience (Walking the Dog's blog comes to mind), but I assume that everyone's facility increases by the end of the month. It's wonderful how that old saw, "Practice makes perfect," is so true!

    Elizabeth E.

  9. This is my first time blogging too. Like you, I joined so that I would become a better writer and teacher. I am working through the same process as my students. It's a little unnerving but rewarding at the same time. Thank you for helping me reflect.

  10. I really enjoyed seeing your list of reflections. I was comforted in the similarities of our writing processes. I am a new blogger as well, and I am glad to see someone is having a similar experience.

    I have learned from the SoL Challenge, like you, that topics for posts are all around and I don't have to agonize over a topic. People most relate to the simple, the "mundane", the real. I love that about blogging. This challenge is a great gateway into the world of blogging every day even after the month of March.

    Thank you for your reflections!

  11. Your reflections are very similar to mine - and I have found myself very reflective about this daily writing process. I find that even when I have written something the night before, my mind works all night long and in the morning, I sometimes have an entirely different post. Of course I save the original - for that day I have writer's block!

  12. Thanks for helping me think about my own learning. I started to write a lot here, but then cut and pasted it into my idea list I keep. Maybe I'll use it later.

  13. Kevin's right, I am giving a little cheer. Love that you wrote about your writing process. I believe the best way to become a more proficient teacher of writers is to be a writer yourself. Think how many things on your list hold true for students also. Glad you are writing with us.


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