April is Poetry Month

Visit http://ettcweb.lr.k12.nj.us/forms/newpoem.htm for fun and easy ideas for form poetry. Here is my attempt at an Emotional Animal Poem:

is a purring cat
dreaming and snuggling
deep in the warm sheets
Content to stay put, even after I wake up.


  1. Thanks for sharing that link! I think I will show that to my kids and have them try it! I'm doing a read aloud of Love That Dog right now, so the love that form would work perfectly!

  2. Thanks for a great link to a new resource! I had to check it out. I also really like your poem and the picture that accompanies it!

  3. Thanks for the recommendation; I'm so excited about poetry month. Your poem is full of contentedness, just like the photo!

  4. When I co-taught with a dear friend of mine, she used this site with some of our students. You must be as fabulous a resource as she is! I love the accompanying picture. That served as evidence of the meaning the poem has for you.


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