The Important Thing About Sisters

I think poetry hides everywhere. I often use books as mentor texts that may not seem like poetry to create poems with kids. Once again, this was not my idea. I wish I could credit the teacher but I honestly can't remember where I first saw this idea. The Important Book by Margaret Wise Brown is a great mentor text to create a poem that kids seem to find fun and fairly easy to do. Here is my attempt at an Important poem:

To Liz and Jennifer

The imortant thing about sisters is
They have known me a long time.

They knew me when I was named,
They knew me when I became a wife,
They knew me when I became a mom,

The rejoiced with me,
Cried with me,
Gossiped with me,
Laughed with me,
And mothered me.

But the important thing about sisters is
They have known me a long time.


  1. Love this. I used this book with my preschool students in a similar way. They would take the book home and with their families, find something that is important and compose a short piece. At the end of the year, we had a new important book. This would be a great writing exercise for me too.

  2. I like this idea. Might give it a try in my last eight weeks of school. Maybe for my own writing also!

  3. Gotta find this book. Sounds like a great motivator to me. Thanks for the information.


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