Three Hundred and Forty Three Teachers

On Tuesday night, our school board voted to pink slip 343 teachers and 21 administrators. They had no choice. They had to notify teachers 60 days before the end of the school year if there was a possibility that they might be laid off. Our state is facing a possible 4% reduction in K-12 public education spending. That amounts to an approximate $470.00 reduction per student. Right now, it is unknown what educational programs or teachers will need to be cut. It is also possible that the proposed 4% in cuts will be decreased. The teachers at the board meeting were not protesting the pink slips. They came together with the board and administrators to denounce the spending cuts proposed by the state.


  1. Scary times. It is tough when all you want to do IS teach and be there for the kids. I'll be thinking of you and your colleagues during this very difficult time. I'm glad that your BOE, administrators, and teachers are working together. Hopefully a plan is in place to best meet the needs of the students with the reduction and limited budget.

  2. Impressive. I hope you are able to stay encouraged with your colleagues. Keep your head up.


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