Saturday Morning Reflection

Today is one of those mornings when writing feels extra hard. I already spent an hour rereading old writer's notebooks looking for something that might spur an idea. My brain is just all over the place. I've got to get something down before you-know-who wakes up or I will get the "she's-at-the-computer" look again or "I thought you had a lot to do today" scowl.

 Crap, I hear him in the bathroom. I'm screwed now. It is still dark out. It's raining. Maybe he'll crawl back into bed. Nope. I don't hear the sound the bed makes when he plops back down. That means he is putting on shoes and sweats and on his way down. I wonder if he will go to the gym. If he does, he'll walk by and I will get the look. I wonder which one, he has so many. Wow, that sounded pretty mean. I  put the stools up on the island so it looks like I'm starting to clean the kitchen floor. I also throw a load in the washer. I do have a lot to do today. It is my son's confirmation. The food is ready. I just have to pick up the cake and potato salad, iron his shirt and pants, and clean. Geez I hate cleaning.

 He hasn't come down yet. Maybe he did go back to bed.  My cat Fred is rubbing on my foot and purring. He never resents the time I spend writing. Listening. Listening. Silence. Now I feel guilty. The poor guy could still be sleeping and here I am complaining about him and he didn't even do anything. He has a busy day too. He has to pick up my daughter from college. She is my son's confirmation sponsor. When she talked to me yesterday, she told me she got something pierced and it looks really cute. Doubt it. I wonder if my husband will notice when he picks her up. Washer stopped. Listening. Still quiet up there. Nope. Nope. Here he comes. Down the steps.


  1. I applaud you on keeping up the daily postings, even when it is hard and you don't know what to write.
    I am reading that this new passion is not appreciated by all. I understand. I too, have received the look when I was trying to post while on the trip.
    Your thoughts made an excellent post. Sounds like a busy day, hope it was a good one.

  2. I can just see you hunkering behind your computer screen! I have been there too - and with my lower jaw set ready for the stubborn rebuttal prepared for "the look."

  3. HA! Love your tricks...they sounded a bit familiar for my Saturday also! A quick load started in the washer, vacuum out.. I am still posting every day also, so it's a tricky thing getting work at home done!

  4. I've missed you posting. I hope you are well. Your voice in this piece is deep and rich and fun. My oldest is the one asking, "How's it going, Mom?" meaning - how much longer until my turn. I wish you well. :)MaryHelen


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