First Dance

Me and Mitch, May 13, 2011
It is amazing how good teenage boys clean up. He didn't want to wear his boring khaki pants and button down shirt from his confirmation to his first dance. So, we bought a fancy shirt and tie and new black pants. Mitch paid half. He borrowed shoes from my husband. No date, thank goodness. I'm not ready for that yet. He's only 14 for Pete's sake. Some kids had official dates but most of them went in groups. After gathering at a friend's house for pictures, it was time to head over to the school for the big event. On the way, Mitch begged me to let him go to Applebee's with his buddies after the dance. How could I say no? He was actually being quite charming and funny and sweet and wasn't acting completely embarrassed by my very presence. Was this my kid?

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