Growing and Changing

Near as I can figure, these robin hatchlings are between 5 and 6 days old. They will remain in the nest for another 8 to 9 days before fledging. After another two weeks, the young fledglings should be able to forage for food on their own and sustain flight. Assuming that a blue jay or crow doesn't rob the nest or this family doesn't experience some other disaster, the mother robin will hopefully produce a second clutch in the same nest.

Robin hatchlings on May 15, 2011. I think there are four babies in the nest
but it is difficult to tell.


  1. These pictures are amazing! I hope you are sharing them with your students -- I'm sure they would have interesting things to write! Thanks for sharing some new information too -- more than I knew about robins!

  2. I think the Alberta spruce next to our front door is in continual use. We've already had a set of eggs hatch and move on and now there are five new eggs back in the nest. So you say this is the same mother?


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