Same Room Different View

I changed around my writing area last week. I didn't think much about it until I read Juliann's post about how changing around her desk gave her a new perspective. My dining room table is now shoved squarely in front of the window. I'm also sharing the area with my daughter, Sam. She's taking a speech class at the local community college and uses the end of the table for her laptop. I thought sharing a work space with her would drive me crazy but it hasn't. Now the cat lays all over her stuff instead of mine. And sometimes we talk as we write. Right now Sam is writing an informative speech about serial killers.

"Mom, you gotta hear this, this is so gross. Can you believe that? I have so much I want to say in this speech but I need to narrow it down."

It is fun watching her devour books and articles, even on such a gruesome topic. Every once in a while, I show her a post I'm working on or a picture I'm editing and she doesn't roll her eyes, much. Occasionally, we have brief personal conversations about our relationships or dreams or interests. She doesn't seem to mind when my papers or teacups wander over into her area. Adding a leaf could give us more space but I think I like the table just the way it is.

I now share my writing space with my daughter and the cat.


  1. Lovely...two writers sharing space, letting their imaginations soar, crafting their pieces. The cat and the view are a mellow, languorous touch!

  2. Very cool that this shared writing space is creating a time for conversations and building your relationship.


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