My miniature lilacs started out small but now are becoming a
thick hedge.
I have always loved lilacs. When I was little, I think we had lilac bushes that lined the side of our front yard. If I remember right, they were next to the irises and the mulberry tree. My lilac bushes are much smaller. In fact, they are miniature lilacs but they smell just the same. The windows have been open a lot lately and the lilacs are almost in full bloom. Their faintly sugary smell floats on the breeze blowing my living room curtains.

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  1. I love the scent of lilacs! As a kid, I would bury my nose into the clusters of flowers. Sweet! However, your statement that they are almost in full bloom, took me by surprise. Ours have been finished for at least a month. It always shocks me how different the plant season is just a few hundred miles north of me.


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