The Visitor

All the the last one left behind was a pile of white poo. I looked around in the bushes to see if maybe I could catch a glimpse of a baby robin hopping around. I could hear the adult robins scolding but saw no sign of the last fledgling. Later in the afternoon, I heard my husband warning the cat in the living room, "Roxy, get down. Look at her, she thinks she can get that bird!"

I couldn't believe it. That silly fledgling was in the bush right in front of our window mocking the cat through the screen. Kind of explains why only 25% of robins make it to their first birthday. I do think it sweet that the little one came by to say a last goodbye. 

I couldn't get our cat's paws slapping the screen in the picture.

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  1. I'm glad we heard 'the rest of the story'. Your cat must have been very upset. The photo is great.


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