Eve Bunting's Dandelions: From the Sound of the Wind to the Taste of Truffles

Yesterday, I posted about using a page out of Eve Bunting’s book, Dandelions as a model for creating some sentences of my own. Today, I used the same snippet of text but played with some different sentences.  Below are some of Bunting's lovely lines:

Text from Dandelions and Lindor's extra
dark chocolate truffles. Both are very
The sound of the wind in the grass was like the sound of the rivers we’d known back home. Day and night the sound was in our ears.

Below are some sentences I wrote using page 4 from Dandelions as my mentor text. Somehow I started off with the sound of wind and ended up with the taste of truffles.

The sound of the snoring through his nose was like the sound of the motorcycles we’d heard on the highway. All night, every night, the sound was in our ears.

The sound of the yowling in the basement was like the sound of singing cats in heat. Day and night the cried were in our ears.

The fan blew around the smell of the room. Day and night the rotting stench was in our noses.

The taste of the fudge in my mouth was like the chocolate truffles I’d known back home. One by one, piece by piece, the squares of fudge disappeared behind my lips.


  1. I can see the power of this exercise and how it lifts the quality of writing. Interesting images your sentences conjure up in my mind. My favorite was the snoring, probably because I can relate to it.

  2. I like the idea of practicing with the mentor text, and playing with structure. I wonder if students do it, they will begin to acquire new ways to 'see'. It's good to push into new territory. Love the fudge one, 'behind my lips'.

  3. I had to read your earlier post too. This book has an evocative text to probe and record one's own memories.

  4. Thanks for sharing your sentences. It's fun to play like this, isn't it?

  5. Here we go, using Bunting's format somewhat, my comment:
    The play of the words was vaguely familiar, like old words out of a favorite book. The words piled up on the page, phrase by phrase, sentence by sentence, creating a new world with old words.
    That was fun!

  6. Thanks for sharing how you "exercise" your writing brain! I like the snoring sentences the best too! :-)

  7. Love your use of mentor texts for your sentences. Thanks for sharing them!


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