Mentor Sentence Monday: Eve Bunting's Dandelions

Today I’m continuing my study of some of Eve Bunting’s wonderful words. The following paragraphs from Dandelions beg to be read over and over:

We cooked our meals outside the wagon and slept on Mama’s quilts spread on the ground. Papa told us the names of the stars and about the moon, how it rose and set, and how the moon and the stars were the same ones that shone over Grandma and Grandpa’s house. The very ones we used to see through our bedroom window.
When he told us that I cried a little, but I didn’t let Rebecca see. The sound of the wind in the grass was like the sound of the rivers we’d known back home. Day and night the sound was in our ears.
I used Bunting’s words as my mentor text and generated the following sentences of my own:
We grilled the burgers on the hibachi and slept in sleeping bags on the deck of the pontoon boat.
We baked the cutout cookies in the oven and slept on quilts spread on the floor under the Christmas tree. Grandma told us about each ornament, who made it or who gave it to her, and how the angel at the top was her favorite. The very angel their mother used to play with like it was a doll, when she was a little girl.
We made our sundaes with Hershey’s syrup and two scoops of vanilla and sat on Susie’s front porch glider.

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