Mentor Sentence Monday: The Invention of Hugo Cabret

This week I’ve chosen to use The Invention of Hugo Cabret by Brian Selznick as the mentor text for generating my practice sentences. The following sentences can be found on page 50.

Hugo crept through the walls, came out through an air vent, and hurried down the hall until he reached the toy booth. Nervously, he rubbed the notebook one last time, then cautiously lowered his hand around the windup toy he wanted.   


Using Brian Selznick’s sentence patterns, I generated the following sentences:

Sebastian padded down the stairs, stood in the foyer, and looked out the sidelight of the front door. Nervously, he flipped the deadbolt one last time, then cautiously stepped out to the front porch and scanned the front yard.

Sylvia pulled up to the condo, turned off her headlights, and hunched down in her seat. Nervously, she steadied the zoom lens of her camera one last time, then snapped the picture of her husband and the woman.

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