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Lately, Roxy seems to find my
pencils more interesting than my
Every month or so, I feel like I want to revise my blog. To me, my blog is an ongoing piece of writing. The purpose of my blog, as a piece of writing, remains the same: I want to take risks with my writing and connect with other teachers. I’ve considered starting a second blog as a container for SOL’s and using One Literacy Coach as more of a place for teaching ideas and lessons. I have some dummy blogs I started but then I get overwhelmed and just end up changing some things around on the old blog and calling it good. I guess maybe I am struggling with audience. Blogging is about comments and page views. Knowing who is reading your posts and whether they comment or not is interesting. Blogger has great stats and I’ve never had spam comments or unwanted advertisements pop up on my blog. But ever since I started my blog, I have been frustrated with Blogger’s commenting system. I like threaded commenting systems, such as Discus, but I’ve been wary of using them. I’ve read post after post on other blogs touting the pros and cons. I’ve considered switching to Wordpress but I am not convinced it is worth it. And then I think sometimes, maybe Blogger’s bulky commenting system is a positive thing. Commenting takes effort. And that is good, especially when you want to be part of a community.

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