Trying to Press On

Sometimes, even when the road ahead
may be challenging to navigate, you just
have to press on, even if you have to
slow down.
I’ve been trying to write more posts and comments this month. I felt like last month, it was all I could do to write my 1700 words per day and post a slice once a week. Not much time to read and comment on the posts of others, which gnawed at me. But the TWT community was incredibly generous.  I have appreciated that TWT slicers instantly welcomed and encouraged each other and if life's challenges trumped posting and commenting, that was okay. There was always, tomorrow, next week, or next month to try again.

I started off this month with a new writing challenge. I joined the 500 Words Per Day Challenge and I planned on posting to my blog daily. So far, the 500 words have flowed fairly well. I’ve commented a lot more, but the daily posting fell apart last week. I haven't given up though. When I was in the midst of the NaNoWriMo challenge, I received a pep talk email from Lindsey Grant from the Office of Letters and Light that I still reread and think about. Lindsey wrote about the obstacles and obligations that all writers face but that pressing on is important work. I think all writers need pep talks, whether you’re a third grader or a 50-year-old. Maybe I will write a pep talk of my own.

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