One Little Word Wednesday: Thread

My jar of  loose ends and
tangled threads.
It seems like each Wednesday I start the same way. I don’t know what I’m going to write about. As usual, I look over at my jar of thread that I thought was so clever in January.  I just stare at it.  I pick it up and turn it around and around. It has started to look rather untidy inside my jar. A few days ago, my teenage son came into my office, flopped on the day bed, and then took to messing with my jar. He picked it up, unscrewed the lid, and started disturbing and fiddling with the contents. By the time he left my office, my thread jar was in complete disarray. I plunked the spools back into the jar, screwed on the lid, and forgot about it. That is until today. Wednesday. As I look at my jar, I feel like the loose threads of my last several days need to be untangled, rewound, and secured. 

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