One Little Word Wednesday: Thread

First day of school was a foggy one.
Tuesday evening at 9:21 pm

I looked up my son's bus number on the school website for the second or third time. He'd have to be at the stop by about 6:50 AM.

Bus 81

First pickup at Lincoln Rd. & Robinwood Dr. at 6:44 a.m. Left on Robinwood Dr., left on S. Dixie Hwy., right on Kay Dr. picking up at Aimy Dr. Right on Poplar Dr. picking up at Teakwood Dr. Lef ton Teakwood Dr., left on Raven Parkway, right on Timber Lane, right on E. Dartmoor, left on Charing Cross to pickup. Left on Wimbledon Park Dr. picking up at Woodpine Dr. Left on Woodpine Dr. picking up at W. Dartmoor Dr. Right on Timber Lane, right on W. Brookshire Dr. picking up at Shadowood Dr. Left on S. Dixie Hwy., right on Northfield Dr. picking up to Wildwood Dr. Left on Wildwood Dr. picking up in middle of block. Left on Kay Dr. picking up at Nobil Dr. Right on Nobil Dr., right on W. Albain Rd. picking up to S. Telegraph Rd.

In my mind, I could visualize bus 81 threading through the neighborhood streets, stopping to pick up half-asleep teenagers. My son would have to get up at 6:00 and I would sip coffee as I watched the bus doors clap behind him as he headed to the back of the bus to snooze. I always feel better watching him actually get on the bus, even though he is 15.


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