What I Didn't Do

School starts today. The "didn't do" list below is a recap of my summer.

No trips to NYC but I got to see my daughter as Janet Van De Graaff. :)
I didn't travel to NYC to see a Broadway show or take a family vacation.

I didn't ride any roller coasters although I felt like I was on one for most of the summer.

I didn't revise my NaNoWriMo novel.

I didn't read the classics I loaded onto my iPad. I opted for trashy beach stuff.

I didn't dye my hair blond or get any tattoos or piercings.

I didn't lose 10 pounds or get back on my gluten-free diet that when I'm on makes me feel wonderful.

I didn't throw up or pass out when I watched my daughter perform in her first professional musical production. I did hide in the back row of the theater just in case.

I didn't throw up or pass out when I had to learn how to change my son's wound dressing. One of my biggest accomplishments of the summer.

I didn't get divorced or have a major illness.

I didn't quite let go of all my anger about losing what I had worked so hard for professionally, but I'm getting there.

I didn't just ponder growing my own tomatoes. They tasted divine.

I didn't stop breathing or scream when I took my teenage son out to practice driving. I stuck to gasping and pushing my pretend brake.

I didn't teach summer school.

I didn't get a speeding ticket, get in any accidents, or lose my keys.

I didn't hold on to all my children's books I used in my last position. They now reside in classrooms in Michigan and Florida.

I didn't have a garage sale.

I didn't sleep well.

I didn't get a pedicure.

I didn't feel torn when my daughter went back to college.

I didn't think the summer would fly this fast.



  1. Gee, from my perspective you DID a lot....started a new newspaper, wrote like crazy, went to musicals....but I still liked your list and the warm perspectives that were hidden among your words.

  2. Love this list....I think this could be my writing prompt for the day in Creative Writing!

    And I agree with Anita--sounds like you accomplished quite a few things

  3. And the summer did fly, didn't it? Loved the list, & the clever idea of it, Diana. You did accomplish quite a lot. Best wishes for a great school year.

  4. I agree with Deb, this would make for a great writing prompt. It's an intriguing way to reflect on your experiences.
    I think I'll use this for my own daily writing prompt this week. THANKS

  5. What an opportunity for inferring! I'm thinking what would be on my list? Hmmm. . . I'll have to ponder this.

  6. I am still in denial that summer has flown past and not ready to think about what I didn't do :)

  7. There are a LOT on your didn't do list that I say hallelujah! And the one about didn't lose 10 pounds...I think there are a lot of us pondering that one :-)

  8. One would expect the didn't-s to create a list of negatives, but it doesn't. You have a mixture that leaves room for thinking and taking perspective.

  9. I'm happy to hear that you feel better with gluten free. That is the next step for me. How fun that your daughter was in a musical!! xo

  10. You continue to amaze with your creative approach to keeping your self mentally healthy. And you continue to show us all how to keep growing...

  11. ...in other words, you had a marvelous summer !

  12. Wonderful list of "didn'ts" and yet you accomplished so much by not "doing". A good way of looking at life from a different perspective. Thanks for the idea.

  13. I love how all the references to "didn't" revealed so much about what you DID!

  14. It is fun how the didn'ts can be viewed in multiple ways, providing glimpses into what you did instead. Enjoy your school year!

  15. Wow, Diana. What an introspective turn on list-making. You've got me creating all kinds of questions that I'd love to ask you over coffee. And, I'm wondering, just like many other readers, what I'd put on mine. Nice post. So, what's your position for this year?

  16. Wow! You accomplished amazing things! And in addition, you have given me a great idea for a writing assignment! Thank you!

  17. As you grow, we all grow with you. If you only knew how many times we say- wish Diana was in our building. Thank you for being you!

  18. I think I'm glad I didn't make a "didn't list." Sounds like you did more than you didn't.


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