Learning About QR Codes

     "Look what I made for my interview tomorrow."

      I handed my creation to my husband. He scowled and handed it back. I got a similar response from my son but not because he thought it was silly. He is sixteen and not much interested in anything I hand him unless it is money or car keys. Learning about Quick Response or QR codes is something I've been wanting to do for a while. But like most tech stuff, I need a purpose to use it before I invest the time in learning a bit about it. I figured before I could actually make sense of how to use them with students, I needed to use them myself. As I researched about QR codes, I came across a great post by Monica Burns that helped me understand how teachers use the codes. If you read Monica's post, be sure to read the comments because there are additional instructional ideas shared by other teachers. I also read blog posts about how QR codes are used in marketing and business.

      Creating a QR code is easy and fun. There are many free services. I happened to use BeQRious because I could make colorful codes, it was easy, there was a forum to ask questions, and a blog with additional information. There are many other free services available. I wanted to create something I could hand to my interviewers that had quick links to my identifying information, my digital resume, blog, and Twitter page. Is anyone using QR codes? If so, how are you using them and what service do you recommend?

Codes are printed on both sides of a postcard. 


  1. I've seen them on Pinterest, but wasn't sure what they are really used for. How are you going to use them in your classroom?

  2. I love your enthusiasm for anything technology! I always learn something new! If I could just learn how insert new fonts to my blog I would be a happy camper.

  3. I have been in your position - the one before today! I want to learn about them and begin to use them, but didn't have a good resource to start from. Now I have one! Thanks!!

  4. I used them for a recent presentation. I collected historic photos connected to the Nez Perce War of 1877. I added a QR code that would take the reader to a short biography of that person. I made them into posters that could be put into the halls. Students who read them would come with some background information.

    http://ropinthewind.weebly.com/posters.html - link to my posters I used visualead http://www.visualead.com/

    Ropin the Wind is the website I created for my presentation.


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