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I was about to make my pitch to a roomful of school speech-language pathologists to join Edmodo. I planned on keeping it short. I typed up a half-sheet with the link to Edmodo and a link to a Snapguide that explained the process. Just before I was to talk, another speech therapist shared about a program she was using in kindergarten classrooms to promote oral language development. One of the audience members asked if she could email her the data sheet she had created to the group. Perfect segue. When my turn came, I explained how Edmodo was an effective tool to share materials and ideas with each other. Rather than email the data sheet to everyone, it could be uploaded as part of post on Edmodo, and anyone belonging to the group could see the file, print it, and make any comments or suggestions. Links to the materials could also be posted.  I brought the Edmodo page up on the Smart Board and scrolled through some of the posts and showed the audience the folder I started that contained printable materials. As I looked out on the group, they didn't look skeptical or have scrunched up eyebrows. I actually saw some interest on their faces and a few head nods. Good signs.


  1. It's getting easier to get buy in, I agree. But the tools are so much easier to sell these days. Look, you had support you didn't even know you'd get, setting up the group.
    FANTASTIC Diana,

  2. It is so hard to get people to try something new, especially technology that sometimes slows us down before it speeds us up. Good for you for working at it! I hope that you create some Edmodo users!

  3. I've found that teaching colleagues is nerve-wracking but rewarding! I frequently share technology with other teachers too, and I really enjoy it! Glad you had a successful sharing session! :-)

  4. Good signs indeed. Sometimes it is difficult to share without it turning ugly, sad but true. I am glad this worked out and that you had that segue to help you.


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