Picture Book Addiction

I wasn't going to do it but I couldn't resist. I told myself I didn't need more books but walking by the book fair at school numerous times a day was more than I could take. One of the books I purchased was, My Brave Year of Firsts by Jamie Lee Curtis and Laura Cornell. I read the opening page and I was hooked.

The first time I rode a two-wheeler alone,
I crashed and my mom filmed it on her iPhone.
I crashed and I crashed. Dad ran out of steam.
He let go, I went straight.
Mom filmed as she screamed.

As I read, I laughed and memories of teaching my own kids to ride a bike flooded my head. As the title suggests, each page is a memory of a first time experience told from a child's point of view. I think this would be a great mentor text to spur writing from students of all grade levels. Below is my attempt at writing a "first" of my own using this book as a mentor text. Curtis and Cornell used rhyme throughout their book but I chose not to in my draft.
The first time I walked to school alone, I looked both ways before crossing at the corner. I stayed on the sidewalk, swinging my plaid Aladdin lunchbox the whole way. At the school entrance, I turned and waved to my mom as she crawled by in our station wagon.


  1. Love Jamie Lee Curtis and love your first draft of a first. Oh and "hello Diana I am picture book addict too." lol

  2. I really like Jamie Lee Curtis' other books. Haven't seen this one before. Will be keeping an eye for it!

  3. I think you will find a lot of picture book addicts in this community of writers and readers. I am one too. So far I have picked this one up several times, but it did not come home with me. As for your writing, I can just picture your mom driving by so slowly, making sure her girl was safe.

  4. The picture book wagon is an easy one to fall off... I've done it way too many times!!

  5. Oh, yes, temptation is never far!

  6. Your entry took me back, way back, trying to remember some "firsts."


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