Demonstration Lesson Worries

This Thursday marks the first day of the Eastern Michigan Writing Project Summer Institute 2013. Since I present my demonstration lesson on June 27th, I've been spending many hours. building and revising my lesson. Even though I have presented in front of teachers countless times, this feels different. Most of my presenting has been with elementary teachers. Looking through the participant list, the institute teachers and facilitators are primarily middle school, high school, and college. There are only three other people, other than me that teach in elementary. And of those three, only two focus on lower elementary grades.  I'm not sure if any of the participants are special educators either. Being a speech therapist, I am a complete oddball. I am finding it hard to put myself in the shoes of my audience. The lesson that I am drawing my demonstration from was taught to K-2 children with speech and language impairments. I have no guess as to how my audience will respond. Will they be able to relate to my students or what it takes to support kids with writing at this age?

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