Going with Weebly

Audience and purpose. Audience and purpose. Audience and purpose. As I repeat those words in my head, I continue to wrestle with my demonstration lesson for EMWP. And I volunteered to present during the first week of class! Deadline, audience and purpose--and form, oh, geez, form. My EMWP group is not primarily elementary teachers (audience). These professionals come from KG through college (more audience). I need a way for this diverse group to see and hear my students--to hear what I hear when I teach. I am concerned that middle school, high school, and college level teachers may have difficulty visualizing how very young writers, writers with speech and language difficulties, navigate the writing process (audience and purpose). I also want to create a demonstration lesson presentation that is meaningful and useful for me (more purpose). I decided to go digital and create a Weebly site to house all of my information, references, audio clips, and photographs of student artifacts (form). I considered creating a PowerPoint and also played with Movie Maker and may include these pieces on the Weebly site as I continue my learning throughout this experience.

Screen shot of my Weebly site. Still in process but has to be ready soon!

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